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How to write AP government chapter 3 outline?

Taken together, the two ask the question: how can we reframe the woman traveler?

WRITING CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY [Quantitative Research]

Between May and July of , Maria and I embarked on a journey between Egypt and Germany to document our travel experiences as women. The resulting film records our travels across three continents—Africa, Asia and Europe— taking trains, boats and buses through 14 different countries. The written treatment addresses the filmic core concerns in a format that is in turn theoretical and historical, analytical and reflective.

Chapter 3 of your Thesis is given different titles such as 'Research Design', 'Research Methods' and so forth. Chapter 3 should be written like a "recipe" so that someone who wants to replicate or adopt your methodology can do so with minimum confusion.. Do not leave any gaps that will require examiners to do a lot of guesswork what you actually did. This will definitely irritate them. Do not assume that anything is too insignificant to mention. This is the Chapter where you will have to use a lot of your own words in describing what you did before, during and after collecting the data.

Chapter 3 of your thesis consists of several sections that work together to address the research questions or hypotheses. In short, Chapter 1 describes why the research question is being asked and Chapter 3 describes how the research question is answered.

How to Write Chapter 3 of the Dissertation

Note that there are several ways of writing Chapter 3 and the following is a suggestion on the sub-sections to include. Please check with the requirements specified by your respective institution. Chapter 3 presents a discussion of the data collection process.

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Begin by restating the 'problem statement', the 'purpose of the study', the 'research questions' and 'hypothesis' unless your study is based on the grounded theory method. Then discuss the sub-sections involved and how you will address each throughout the Chapter. Some of the sections may be a repetition of Chapter 1 such as the Research question and Hypotheses.

Do not simply copy and paste test from Chapter 1. Instead, rewrite with a different emphasis.


Here in Chapter 3, you emphasise the methods and procedures or techniques that will be employed in answering the Research Questions and Hypotheses. Excerpt of a 'Preamble' sub-section :. The purpose of this study is examine the factors Specifically the study was designed to answer This chapter is divided into several section addressing the research design, informants, sampling, data collection procedures There is quite a bit of variation in the use of terminologies for this sub-section.

Some researchers prefer the terms 'research paradigms' and 'research strategies' while others prefer the terms 'research designs' and 'research methods'.

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Here the term 'Research Design' is used to differentiate it from 'Data Collection Techniques' discussed later in the next sub-section. Some argue that 'Research Design' sub-section is not essential. The survey design was used for this study and administered to a selected sample from a specific population of advertising managers in the hospitality industry in the state of Penang, Malaysia. The SURVEY involved the administration of a Questionnaire which sought to obtain data on current practices and opinions on the future of advertising in the hospitality sector.

SURVEYS using Questionnaires easier to administer and lend themselves to group administration; while assuring confidentiality and effective in providing information in a relatively brief time period at low cost to the researcher Robson, The study should present minimal risk to participants pertaining to experimental treatment or exposure to physical or psychological harm. Care should be taken to ensure that the participants fully understood the nature of the study and the fact that participation is voluntary. A statement should be made that confidentiality of recovered data will be maintained at all times, and identification of participants will not be available during or after the study.

Validity is the criteria for how effective the design is in employing methods of measurement that will capture the data to address the research questions. There are two types of validity: internal, and external. Internal validity is a confirmation of the correctness of the study design.

Methodology, Writing Chapter III of a Quantitative Thesis Proposal

Internal validity can be assured in both qualitative and quantitative studies with pilot testing of the proposed survey instrumentation to assure that the instrument is clear and unambiguous. Pilot testing of instruments is a procedure to enable the researcher to make modifications to an instrument based on results.

External validityis the extent to which the results of the study can reflect similar outcomes elsewhere, and can be generalized to other populations or situations. Regardless of whether a self-designed or validated instrument is used to collect data, or whether it is a qualitative or quantitative study, how validity will be assured must be stated.

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  6. How the study is conducted and reported is illustrative of the validity and reliability and should align with the theoretical framework in Chapter 1. Triangulation of the results enhances the validity of findings.

    Research Design

    Triangulation validates the methodology by an examination of the results from several perspectives. Formed in , Book Editing Associates is a one-stop shop for writers who need professional book editors, tested proofreaders, published ghostwriters, and publishing consultants. Can you please explain more on a situation where we are to set up a monitoring system to collect data and analyze? Given the fact that the setup is suppose to help a community and also monitor data remotely.

    As we understand it, your question has to do with the mechanics of data collection. You would need to determine how you will monitor your phenomenon remotely and how often data points will be recorded. You would then describe those aspects of your study in as much detail as possible within the Setting, Instrumentation and Procedure sections of your Methodology. Special consideration should be paid to the ethics of remote monitoring. Unless you employ a recording instrument that can analyze data in real-time, such as those used on a space shuttle, the statistical analysis would be conducted after all the data points have been collected.

    Good day, I am working on the adaptation and validation of an automobile instructional virtual laboratory package. Kindly guide me on which methodology to employ and how to do my data analysis. Thank you. Good day, I am working on a research to evaluate the usability of an institutions website to see whether or not the portal is user-friendly. Kindly point me to what methodology to employ and how to analyze my data.

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    fensterstudio.ru/components/zinesemyg/xukis-rastrear-un.php Skip to content. Dissertation Writing. December 5, March 26, Network Coordinator 9 Comments. Appropriateness of the Research Design This section is optional in some institutions, but required by others.

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