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She mentioned that she was the only one to be published from her course that year. When it comes down to it, there are 4 options really that students have with respect to the issue of publication:. Some students from the MSc were quite clearly with me at option two at the end of the course. Many simply reverted to option one, which is the worst option possible.

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To simply shrug off this responsibility is near-enough a crime to scientific progression. Especially if destructive processes are involved e. To exemplify this, Roland is now undertaking a Ph. On the other hand. And a student is hardly alone in the dark either; supervisors typically must be put down as a co-author of any work submitted by one of their students, and they can therefore play any role desired in manuscript preparation.

This is not just in terms of results and conclusions drawn, but also the literature critiques that accompany them, potential new methodologies, and the original re-usable data. Despite potentially being a difficult and time-consuming task, preparing and submitting a manuscript can be emotionally satisfying, and give a student a great sense of accomplishment and a confidence boost.

I think this probably accounts for the difference in publication rates. I think the time is quite variable in the UK. More than enough time in both cases to create something vaguely decent.. The major difference is timeframe involved and the fact that the MRes style is the absolute standard my course based program is seen as very unusual. Two more years of being a student, can you cope? I knew I should have sent you an email. My masters thesis was not done like that, and it took me a while to reformat stuff.

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That said, my first paper was submitted in late November I finished september that year and was published in The rest of my thesis was published in two other papers one requiring a bit of further work in that had been submitted in I also had a paper published in on research not linked to my thesis that I started with my supervisor while at Bristol. Finally, while largely unemployed I also applied for a small grant as an independent researcher to visit Edinburgh and look at some of their specimens — the resulting monograph was published last month.

It can be very difficult when working and with limited resources, but whether or not a student publishes is largely down to the student. I had a friend who did actually submit a paper but it can back with major corrections required and the lack of interest from his supervisor who had moved jobs meant he never redid it, although he could have done it by himself.

Basically, people who want to publish do so. I suggest anyone that wants to try and get a PhD does, as it was my body of publications that helped me secure offers from the States. It also helps get you known, which is important. In which case the question becomes, why do an MSc in the first place?! I think one of the problems is that manuscript preparation and an introduction to the publishing process is sorely lacking in many undergraduate and masters taught programs.

I think I was very lucky that at Sheffield one of the few taught courses in my masters year focussed on that whilst the rest of the time was spent on research. We were also instructed to write up our work as a paper and not a thesis which was, I feel, significantly beneficial. I think this is something that should be pursued in more universities, not least because if you want to be a scientist you need to publish but because the style of writing for a thesis and a paper are usually quite different. Great points! Roland who I mentioned above submitted his thesis in the format of Palaeobiology, and subsequently got it published, in PNAS though.

When I did the MSc at Bristol there was a whole module on scientific communication that, too, guided you through the submission and review procedures.

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I might e-mail the course supervisors at Imperial asking them to make a module on sci comm now. As other people pointed out, I think the major constraint here is time.

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If you include post-exam relaxation, a week of holidays and writing up your thesis, this is really not much time at all. This has two consequences: firstly, it is hard to get enough material of sufficient quality to publish in a peer-reviewed paper if your project does not continue on some already existing work that can give you a jump start. Especially so in a system where education is viewed as a necessary evil that gets you skills in return for a quite considerable lump of money. This does not require any extra effort or time on top of writing your thesis.

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I collected enough for two separate projects last year, both highly publishable. I could apply the same question to Ph.

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  7. D level research, except that it is obligatory usually for the thesis to be formally published afterwards. The only difference is the expectation. Most of the techniques we learned on the MSc DNA extraction and PCR, geometric morphometrics, phylogenetic analysis have little to no use outside research. Research projects were typically of this kind too. I see not a single non-academic role where I can apply the specific skills I learned during my research, and the same for pretty much every other.

    Publishing in OA journals costs money from the author too. Obviously there are people who do it to continue on research or just because they are interested, but they are definitely not the majority. Why would these people go through the not so simple as you claim process of publishing in a peer reviewed journal?

    PhD: is the doctoral thesis obsolete?

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    imperial college thesis submission Imperial college thesis submission
    imperial college thesis submission Imperial college thesis submission
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